Book Blog for “Pie in the Sky Adventures and Bakery Recipes”

“These two adventurers will inspire you with their “can-do” spirit
that saw them create the Pie in the Sky Bakery of Puerto Vallarta,
Mexico in the late 80s.

“Here are stories of their 12 years in Mexico that include the founding
of their nationally famous American-style dessert bakery ,
while operating on a shoestring, being thrown in jail, losing their
sailboat to a hurricane, followed by a devastating devaluation,
and other calamities.

The second 12 years, after the sale of their successful business,
saw them head off to other adventures including Big Failure
but fun in Australia and  Buying and Selling a coffee farm
on the side of a volcano in the Panamanian ex-pat haven of Boquete.
They survived hurricanes while on their next sailboat in the Caribbean,
and a heart attack in Paradise with no doctors on the island.
They then went on to explore possibilities of immigrating to an island in
southern Brazil – popular with the international surfing set.

Their dessert recipes are shared in detail with insights to engage anyone
who has ever tried to make gourmet American desserts with Third World
ingredients.  Even a beginner can feel accomplished making these famous
desserts.”  “Fun, Funny and a Great Walk down Memory Lane,” HR Bucerias.


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